famHello and welcome to my positivity and lifestyle blog!  I created this blog because of my love for writing.  I also want to help inspire and motivate others, especially those with similar interests, life experiences and goals.

My name is Melissa and in my quest for personal growth and happiness, I recently quit my full-time job to pursue my dream of working from home.  I am a former legal assistant who is in the beginning stages of doing general and legal transcription from home.  I have never quit a job before without having something lined up.  Is it scary?  YES!  However, I am determined to make this work.

I have been married to my wonderful, supportive husband John for over 17 years. We’ve been together since high school.  We have a son who just started college and a daughter who just started high school, as well as our dog Ollie.

Most people do not openly talk about this due to the related stigma, but I have depression and PTSD/anxiety and have embraced the fact that it’s part of who I am.  I’m not afraid to talk about it and advocate for others.  I have found self-therapy in focusing on the positive things in life.  In every situation, I force myself to look for the silver lining, as that has never come naturally to me.

What does come naturally to me is my passion for helping others.  So I recently became a health and wellness coach.  Making the time to work out and focusing on my nutrition and health has made a huge impact in how I feel.  I am not yet near my goal weight, but I’m working towards it and helping others with their goals along the way through education, positive motivation and inspiration.

I enjoy reading a variety of blogs from financial blogs to health, wellness and beauty blogs.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and also learning from you through comment, social media or email interaction.