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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog – Finding Strength Through Positivity!  I have wanted to start my own blog for quite some time.  Now is the time I have finally taken to do it.  


Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am 37 years old, married with two teenage kids, and live in Minnesota.  Until recently, I worked full time as a legal assistant.  I left full-time employment to pursue my dream of working from home.  At this time, I am working remotely as a freelance legal and general transcriptionist.  Writing has always been something I love and I aim to make a career of it. I have never quit a job without having something solid lined up.  Is it scary?  YES!  However, I am determined to make this work. 


The name for my blog stems from my own struggles in living with depression and PTSD/anxiety.  I have found self-therapy in focusing on the positive things in life.  In every situation, I force myself to look for the silver lining, as that has never come naturally to me.  What does come naturally to me is my passion for helping others, so earlier this year I became a health and wellness coach.  Making the time to work out and focusing on my nutrition and health has made a huge impact in how I feel.  I am not yet near my goal weight, but I’m working towards it and helping others with their goals along the way through education, positive motivation and inspiration.


Through this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts and information from a wide variety of interests, including mental health, physical health and wellness, family, travel, DIY, beauty, frugal living, hobbies, and of course, positive motivation and inspiration tips.



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  1. I always live by finding the silver lining. I’ve been telling nick how too. I think he might think I’m slightly crazy but hey it makes life more fun searching for the silver lining for real. You got this. 🙂

  2. I am glad you started this blog and I look forward to all the good, positivity, and inspiration that is to come out of it.

  3. I hope all of your dreams come true, and hope you are successful in self employment also! You are helping others while helping yourself which is wonderful. I love you, mom

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